Anakbayan, the comprehensive national democratic mass organization of the Filipino youth, expresses its solidarity to the struggle of the people of Hong Kong against the Chinese government repression.

The protests, which were initiated by university and secondary school students, express the Chinese people’s demand for a voice in their country. The […]

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The ANAKBAYAN National Executive Committee joins the Filipino people in saluting the Filipino-American youth who fearlessly held their ground and denounced BS Aquino in his face during the World Leaders Forum that was held last September 23, 2014 in Columbia University.

We also salute the members and leaders of ANAKBAYAN-USA and LFS-San Francisco State University […]

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September 20, 2014


The protest action by UP students last Wednesday during the visit of Sec. Butch Abad was commendable and courageous. Aquino and his top DAP implementor Abad can no longer ignore the growing discontent and anger of the people against their tag team’s siphoning of public coffers. In fact, UP students […]

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September 17, 2014

BREAKING: UP students meet DBM’s Abad with angry protest

Crumpled paper, placards, coins hurled at ‘DAP bagman’

Budget secretary Butch Abad met an an angry mob of Iskolars ng Bayan Wendesday evening in University of […]

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We condemn the Thief Executive’s railroaded murder of the impeachment complaints today. Aquino’s pork gang in congress killed accountability and truth in the name of pork. The shameless act shows Aquino’s desperation. This shows that he is afraid of truth and accountability.

The “Yellow Dictatorship” and Aquino’s ways to hold on to power have gained […]

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Youth organization Anakbayan today declared that the end is near for the Aquino regime. Anakbayan together with other progressive organizations held a protest outside the House of Representatives while the impeachment hearing is being preceded.

“Aquino has done everything to manipulate the people under his will, but the people already had enough of his puppet, […]

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