An Anakbayan leader was harassed, threatened and robbed by suspected military men at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) main campus in Sta. Mesa yesterday, one day before today’s indignation protest versus repression at PUP.

Early yesterday morning, two men riding a motorcycle blocked the Anakbayan leader on the road near the PUP College of Engineering and started to harass her while there were few people in the vicinity. The man driving the motorcycle had a short stature while his companion was a big, burly man.

The two told her they knew she was a student leadership in the campus and that they knew what her route was and where she went home. They told her that she was monitored, warning her not to hide because they have accomplices waiting for her wherever she went in the campus.

The youth leader told them she didn’t know what they were talking about. But when she motioned to leave, the two tried to snatch her bag. She forced her way out of the clutches of the two men and ran towards a computer shop where there were people gathered.

The two, however, continued to follow her right up to the door of the computer shop and remained there even as she went inside the shop. The youth leader had to ask the shop custodian to accompany her back towards Pureza where she rode a jeepney away from PUP.

Several other activists in PUP have been reporting incidents of harassment, surveillance done these past few days as the PUP administration implements wave of repressive measures in campus.

Anakbayan is calling on the Iskolars ng Bayan, faculty, administrators, workers, students and youths from other universities to hold protest actions in PUP campuses to defend democratic rights today, September 29, and October 6.

The group is also asking PUP President De Guzman to resist Malacanang orders to implement repressive acts and instead join the students and the people in the fight against the US-Duterte regime’s fascism and tyranny.


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