An Anakbayan-De La Salle University (DLSU) student leader is the latest victim of intimidation and harassment by the Duterte regime’s security forces Sunday morning.

Two unarmed non-uniformed men introducing themselves as members of the Caloocan Police District went to the said youth leader’s house in Caloocan City and warned her continuing her affiliation with activist groups like Anakbayan.

The two men, who spoke to the youth leader in front of her father and mother, carried with them a brown envelope containing two sheets of paper with the police logo. These sheets contained a detailed log of the Anakbayan-DLSU leader’s whereabouts.

At first, the two men claimed that part of their policy included the profiling of all people who do not follow Caloocan City’s prescribed curfew. The sheets they presented included a log of the route taken by the youth leader in going home.

The policemen then mentioned reports that the youth leader was an activist and that they were instructed to “take down” Anakbayan in Caloocan City for being “subversive”. They chuckled as they mentioned Ferdinand Castillo, 57 year old Bayan-NCR officer arrested in Caloocan earlier this year, being jailed as a result of their “intel work”.

One of the policemen said that authorities know where activists live in Caloocan, adding that she will be subjected to continued surveillance.

The two told the Anakbayan-DLSU leader to cooperate with the police to keep herself safe, suggesting that she remove her affiliations with activist organizations in order to clear her name from the police “watch list”.

This is the second case of harassment against Anakbayan leaders in one week after the robbery attempt and intimidation against an Anakbayan-Polytechnic University of the Philippines leader in Sta. Mesa last September 28.

Anakbayan strongly condemned this latest “fascist attack” against its members, saying this is related to the youth group’s strong campaign against the US-Duterte regime’s anti-drug war, human rights violations, fascism and tyranny. De La Salle University strongly mobilized last Sept 21.


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