Youth group Anakbayan strongly condemns the National Housing Commission (NHA) attempt to “sow chaos” and “pit the poor against the poor” by bringing in trucks-load of relocatees from demolished communities in Tondo to the Kadamay-occupied sites in Pandi, Bulacan.

“Rather than adhere to President Duterte’s promise to graciously give the idle housing projects occupied by Kadamay, the NHA now seeks to destroy the hard-won victory of collective action by pitting fellow victims of an unjust system against each other,” said Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

NHA reportedly brought masses of people in trucks and buses today morning in front of the gates of the public housing projects in Atlantica, Padre Pio, and Pandi-3 in Pandi, Bulacan occupied by members of Kadamay since March of this year.

“This is pure harassment. It is bad enough that the NHA has for the longest time deprived the poor their rights to housing by transforming government housing projects into profit-making schemes beyond the reach of the poor. Now they desperately want to destroy the victory of the occupation in Pandi,” he said.

The youth group appealed to President Duterte to compel members of his very government and especially NHA officials to in good faith stay true to his good promise of giving the housing units to Kadamay members who partook in the Pandi occupation.


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