The so-called “olive branch” and offers of a “constructive dialogue” to protesters is hypocritical and meant only to divert attention from the Duterte regime’s continuing fascist attacks against human rights and anti-people neoliberal policies.

The change of tune from sabotaging anti-tyranny the victorious 30,000-strong September 21 Luneta Park rally and threatening to use this as excuse to declare nationwide martial law only shows how deathly afraid Mr. Duterte is of an awakened Filipino people’s collective action.

Instead of accepting the treacherous offers of futile dialogue by a fascist regime, now is the time to launch even bigger mass actions against the fascist Duterte regime’s campaign of killings, human rights violations, and increasingly tyrannical rule.

Various people’s groups are already preparing for bigger protests: peasant lakbayans to the national capital, more student walkouts, church bells and assemblies to be announced by the CBCP, local assemblies of victims of Dutere’s war on drugs and all-out war are already set for the rest of the year.


2 Responses to Anakbayan: Duterte’s “olive branch” to protesters hypocritical, bigger protests planned

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