Press Statement
August 31, 2012

Anakbayan statement on Mar Roxas appointment as DILG secretary

Roxas DILG appointment shows Aquino hypocrisy and trapo ways

The reported appointment of “kapartido” Mar Roxas as Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary, if true, shows how hypocritical and unabashedly trapo the Aquino administration is.

Many demand the same brand of leadership DILG secretary Jesse Robredo was praised for — Aquino did the exact opposite by appointing a certified trapo. This is the worst possible tribute he could give Robredo.

The KKK appointment shows Aquino’s insincerity and hypocrisy regarding accolades he has given Robredo. This is in addition to the fact that when Robredo was alive, Aquino failed to rally the Liberal Party to confirm Robredo’s appointment and made him share the DILG with “kabarilan” Ronaldo Puno.

Roxas’ appointment smacks of patronage politics and will further strengthen the trapo ways of government, considering that elections are fast approaching.

The urban poor should strengthen the fight against demolition of their homes as we are almost certain that Roxas the landlord will not exercise the concern and leniency for the poor that Robredo has shown. Roxas is sure to further the interests of capitalists and oppressive landlord clans.

- Vencer Crisostomo
National chairperson, Anakbayan