Anakbayan UST condemns the death of freshman UST Law student Horacio Castillo III due to fraternity hazing. Anakbayan along with its 20 thousand members nationwide extends its sympathies to the family, classmates, and friends of the victim. The youth group also call on all concerned parties to swiftly and decisively act to bring justice the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

“The ‘right to organize’ is a very important right of the Filipino people most especially the Filipino youth. However, it should not be used to allow the culture of impunity to propagate and to allow the right to injure, maim, and kill.” said Anakbayan UST Chairperson Aerish Gonzales.

According to Gonzales true discipline and dedication to an organization must be imbibed on the basis of principle and not through implementing “conditioning,” blind obedience, and instigating fear among individuals.

“We must put an end to this prevailing culture of violence and impunity among the Filipino youth. We call on all student organizations and associations, most especially to fraternities and sororities, to discard the usage of brutal, violent, and fatal hazing,” said Gonzales.

The youth leader encourages various organizations and student formations to devote their time and efforts in fighting for the rights of the marginalized and the poor in urban and rural areas. More importantly, Gonzales stressed it is high time for Thomasians to unite in resisting the violence and impunity propagated by the fascist US-Duterte regime.

“The rotting system pierced with imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism, and feudalism; and the continuing fascism of the state should be put to death and not the Filipino youth, who are the future of this nation,” she said.

Anakbayan challenges the authorities to ‘leave no stone unturned,’ so to speak. The UST administration should identify, arrest, and prosecute the suspect of this dastardly crime and shatter the climate of impunity in our nation today.

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