Anakbayan and other progressive youth groups today afternoon stormed the Philippine International Convention Center, the venue of the Asean summit, slipping past the heavy security cordon in a daring lightning rally to condemn what they called the “unholy alliance” between puppet president Rodrigo Duterte and his imperial overlord US President Donald Trump.

Calling both Duterte and Trump as fascists with unparalleled disdain for human rights, the youth groups said Trump’s visit is set to further cement grossly lopsided US-PH relations, give a nod to Duterte’s triple wars against the people, and push anti-people neoliberal economic policies in the country.

“The US president will not be cursed this year because Trump has endorsed Duterte’s fascist war on drugs, Martial Law in Mindanao, and all-out counterinsurgency operations in exchange for the sell-out of the country’s sovereignty,” said Anakbayan Secretary General Einstein Recedes.

The youth leader said that, like Judas, Duterte has sold out the country to US imperialism by allowing greater US domination and military presence in the country through joint military exercises, the building of US military bases through EDCA, and the pushing of neoliberal economic policies.

“Trump is bringing the Asia-Pacific onto the brink of nuclear war with his stepped up provocations against North Korea. But Duterte is all too happy to drag the Philippines into another US war of aggression to please his idol and puppetmaster Donald Trump,” said Recedes.

He said the US has even engaged in direct combat in Marawi and Mindanao, using ISIS as pretext to intensify military intervention in the country and thence project US military power against China.

Anakbayan also condemned the neoliberal agenda of Trump’s visit and the Asean summit which seeks the all-out liberalization of the Philippine economy for the benefit of foreign corporations, including the removal of constitutional limits to foreign ownership of land, utilities, and other industries.

“Duterte is selling out the Philippines to his US imperialist lord Trump as well as to rising imperialist powers like China and Russia. We call on the Filipino people and youth to join protests during the Asean 2017 and stand for our national sovereignty and end imperialist domination of our land,” said Recedes.


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