Youth protesters led by Anakbayan and the League of Filipino Students tonight staged a lightning rally in front of the SM Mall of Asia where Asean Summit delegates gather for their gala night.

The youth group Anakbayan denounced the Asean Summit as a venue for imperialist collusion by major powers like the US, Japan, China, and Russia to push an anti-people neoliberal agenda at the expense of the Filipino people.

“The Asean Summit translates to unli exploitation and unli plunder by pushing for the removal of all trade and investment barriers to allow the unlimited plunder and exploitation of Filipino resources and cheap labor,” said Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

He said imperialist powers will ensure that the gathering will be a venue for Trump to further his “America First” mantra and China to sell its “One belt, One Road” initiative which both seek to bolster each power’s own economic interests.

The youth leader said this Asean Summit is really about the all-out liberalization of the Philippine economy for the benefit of foreign corporations, including the removal of constitutional limits to foreign ownership of land, utilities, and other industries.

“The Filipino youth are one with the rest of the Filipino people in protesting Duterte’s puppetry to US imperialism by allowing neoliberal economic policies and greater US military presence in the country,” said Crisostomo.


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