Joining progressive organizations and press freedom advocates in the “Black Friday Protest against Tyranny and Dictatorship” in UP Diliman on January 26, youth group Anakbayan has said that the series of youth protests is only a prelude to bigger mobilizations by the youth on February 1 and 23 against Duterte’s fascist dictatorship.

“The youth will not be cowed by your Marcosian fascist tactics that have been proven as epic failures in stifling people’s dissent. Students from all over the country are all set for huge walkout protests to oppose your attacks against the people and shatter your dreams of being a dictator,” Anakbayan secretary general Einstein Recedes said of Duterte.

The youth leaders has also pressed the president to end his silence on various pressing issues which include press freedom and the adverse effects of the tax reform law on the Filipino people.

“President Duterte, stop distancing yourself from all the atrocities you have committed, from attacking press freedom to burdening the people with prices hikes. Enough with your ramblings on petty and irrelevant issues, it’s high time you address pressing people’s issues! You only have yourself and your lackeys accountable for worsening the plight of every Filipino,” Recedes underscored.

“As the tyrannical regime continues to trample on the people’s democratic rights, Duterte’s fall from power is becoming more imminent. After all, the youth will not let another dictator plunge the country into the abyss of injustice. Consider yourself warned, Duterte,” Recedes ended. #


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