Bigger protests set on February 24 and March 11

Students across the country held protest actions today to call on President Aquino to stop impending tuition and other fee hikes as a 4th year BS Agriculture student of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) reportedly committed suicide life after losing a scholarship.

“One more […]

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Big protests set against tuition hikes on February 24 and March 11

Youth group Anakbayan today slammed Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairperson Patricia Licuanan for belittling student protests against the rising cost of education by saying it is still too early to determine the number of universities that will increase tuition and other fees […]

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Donning Katipunero costumes, youth and students protested at the American Embassy this afternoon in condemnation of the return of U.S. military bases in the Philippines. The rally was held by progressive groups on the anniversary of the Philippine-American War.

“We have been a U.S. colony before, and we will continue to be […]

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Responding to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales recent statement about the existence of a “super number” of corrupt officials in government, youth group Anakbayan urged the Ombudsman to look into the corruption cases involving top Aquino admin officials and allies.

“Aquino is the most corrupt of them all. He set up a scheme for the systemic […]

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In an assembly held today at the House of Representatives, students and youth groups led by Anakbayan and Kabataan Partylist announced a national walkout against tuition and other fee hikes and the K-12 program set on February 24 and March 11.

“The Aquino government has done nothing to stop the soaring cost of tuition and […]

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Atm: Protesta ng Anakbayan laban sa pagtataas ng presyo ng langis ngayong umaga.

— Einstein Recedes (@Enteng_Itneg) February 2, 2016

Youth group Anakbayan today held a protest action and noise barrage in front of the Trabajo market, España in Manila City to condemn the latest oil price hike by […]

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Demands official apology and compensation for WW2 victims The youth group Anakbayan, in the wake of Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko’s state visit to the Philippines, condemned plans to forge a Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippine and Japanese governments that will allow the stationing of Japanese troops on Philippine soil.

The youth group […]

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Youth group marches to Mendiola, calls on Aquino to face hearings

Hundreds of youth and students marched to Mendiola today afternoon to call for the jailing of President BS Aquino for his leading role in the Mamasapano incident.

Exactly one year after the bloody episode, the youth group Anakbayan led the youth and students’ call […]

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Aquino is “Mamasapano mastermind” – Anakbayan

Youth group Anakbayan will be spearheading protests on January 25, Monday, the first anniversary of the Mamasapano incident as the Senate reopens the Mamasapano probe.

The group called President BS Aquino the “Mamasapano mastermind,” saying he and his US masters should be made accountable for the death of 44 […]

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Proposed curriculum change in UP like “selling soul to the devil”

Students led by youth group Anakbayan welcomed the first day of classes today at the University of the Philippines (UP) with protest actions against the proposed new General Education (GE) program which they denounced as “colonial, anti-filipino, anti-student, and anti-faculty.”

Students bearing […]

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Urges Congress to override Aquino veto

Youth group Anakbayan condemned as “an insult” BS Aquino’s offer of a P500 hike in lieu of the P2,000 SSS pension increase bill that the President vetoed Thursday last week.

“Epal at papogi ang P500. Milyon-milyong bonuses ang binibigay para sa SSS officials pero pinapalabas nila na walang pera […]

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Youth group Anakbayan today asked if President Aquino got $300 million or P13.9 billion from Washington in exchange for the reopening of the US bases in Clark and Subic and the offering of other locations for the stationing of unlimited personnel, weapons, and facilities.

Anakbayan national chairperson Vencer Crisostomo recalled a September 20, 2015 New […]

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