Anakbayan strongly opposes the Duterte regime’s compressed workweek employment scheme that essentially abolishes the eight-hour workday and extends it to over 10-12 hours without added compensation for workers, thereby increasing profits while minimizing labor costs.

The compressed workweek railroaded into passage by Duterte’s supermajority in the House of Representatives is an anti-worker flexible labor scheme that complements with other neoliberal schemes allowing capitalists to extend workhours to squeeze more profits from workers.

The eight-hour workday was won by the international workers’ movements in the early 20th century, before which it was prevalent for workers to work as long as 14 to 16 hours a day. The US-Duterte regime wishes to take back the workers’ historic victories for more humane working conditions.

In so doing, Duterte once more takes the cudgels for foreign transnational corporations and their big oligarch partners in the country. They have long sought to intensify the exploitation of workers on top of the already low wages, chronic unemployment, and contractualization.

This further cement the US-Duterte regime’s anti-worker credentials, given its refusal to heed the workers’ demands for a national minimum wage and the president’s betrayal of his campaign promise to abolish contractualization.

It is also becoming clearer that Duterte’s fascist scheme of declaring nationwide martial law and ruling as a dictator has the aim of ramming through and quelling any resistance to his regime’s neoliberal programs and policies.

In light of the US-Duterte regime’s neoliberal and fascist attacks against the Filipino workers, the Filipino youth are called upon to link their struggles with the toiling masses’ struggles for a national minimum wage and against contractualization and other unjust working conditions.


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