Today’s shameful episode in Congress, that saw a pro-Duterte majority defund the Commission of Human Rights (CHR) by mockingly providing a token P1,000 as its entire 2018 budget, is part of President Rodrigo Duterte’s scheme to eliminate all opposition to extrajudicial killings and consolidate his fascist dictatorship.

A total of 119 Representatives voted for the defunding, even as 32 representatives, mostly hailing from the Makabayan bloc and the traditional opposition, stood up against this devious move.

Notwithstanding the unsatisfactory, oft-criticized performance of the CHR in fulfilling its duties, the move is a solid uppercut designed to worsen the Philippine human rights situation and bring the opposition further to its knees. As innocent youth and urban poor are cut down nightly in the streets, the assault aims to send a chilling message against those opposing the US-Duterte fascist regime’s mass murder and martial law.

We are now under the grip of a fascist dictatorship as Duterte’s anti-drug war murder thousands of poor and minors, his anti-Moro war result in abuses, displacement, and the destruction of Marawi, and his all-out war and martial law in Mindanao against activists and revolutionaries inflict massive human rights violations.

By allocating a measly P1,000 to the CHR, the bloodthirsty US-Duterte fascist regime seeks to eliminate one more institutional check against rights abuses and enable its brutal police and military forces to kill and repress the Filipino people with further impunity.
With the CHR defunding, we see another piece of Duterte’s fascist puzzle fall into place.

This cannot be divorced from Duterte’s move to glorify and confer immunity to the Marcoses, the impeachment of the SC Chief Justice to put the high court under its whip, the kicking out of progressive cabinet members, the plan to select barangay officials by appointment, the proposed revival of mandatory ROTC, the imposition of a national ID system, and the machinations for charter change through his “supermajority” in Congress.

From the huge intelligence and pork barrel funds for the Office of the President to the massive budgets for the police and military, Duterte has turned the AFP and PNP into his version of Hitler’s Waffen SS and Gestapo, ready to kill at his command. It has also allotted public funds for pro-Duterte movements Kilusang Pagbabago as a counterrevolutionary spy network and propaganda machinery.

Indeed, even as the US-Duterte fascist regime defunded the CHR of its proposed P678 million budget but more than willingly approved the P900 million budget for Tokhang.

This is in line with Duterte’s latest threat of declaring nationwide martial law by using as pretext protest actions labelled as “street violence” amidst his regime’s ceaseless justification for the systematic murder of drug suspects, activists, revolutionaries, and ordinary citizens. Duterte meanwhile blasts supposed media bias, and routinely condemns human rights groups criticizing his bloody war on drugs.

Duterte has now become the biggest protector of imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism, and feudalism. Duterte has in the same vein become the biggest threat to the lives, livelihood, and rights of every Filipino.

Just as past generations marched in the streets to oppose the Marcos’ dictatorship, our generation will march again against Duterte’s new dictatorship. Let us join the big anti-fascist mobilization on September 21, the anniversary of the late dictator Marcos’ declaration of martial law.

We call on the youth and the Filipino people to fight the common fight and overthrow the bloodthirsty, fascist US-Duterte dictatorship!


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  1. Liberty says:

    Duterte’s Congressperson should be on the people’s list of people subject to revolutionary Justice.

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