Activist youth group Anakbayan today denounced President Rodrigo Duterte for declaring in a statement that the country needs him as a dictator to effect change.

“Be careful what you wish for, Duterte. If you study history it is clear that dictators have rarely effected change. Dictators are overthrown by an oppressed people collectively fighting for genuine change,” said Anakbayan National Secretary General Einstein Recedes.

“You say I’m a dictator, I really am. Because if I will not be a dictator, son of a bitch, nothing will happen to this country,” Duterte said in the Cebuano language in another expletive-laden speech at the Malacanang Wednesday night.

“Real change comes not from dictatorial rule killing and bullying everyone that opposes him but in a national democratic revolution that will implement genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization, provide access to social services, and bring real democracy for the country’s toiling masses,” said Recedes.

The youth leader said Duterte’s latest statement only reaffirms his group’s analysis that Duterte is preparing to set up a fullblown fascist dictatorship with his Oplan Tokhang, muzzling of critical media, all-out war and crackdown against activists and revolutionaries, extension of martial law in Mindanao, and cha-cha move drastically increasing the power of the presidency.

“Before Duterte coyly kept on denying his wish of becoming a dictator. But these empty words were belied by his actions from the killings of tens of thousands, going after critics, and implementing neoliberal policies favoring a few cronies and multinational companies like the anti-poor tax reforms,” said Recedes.

Anakbayan called on the Filipino youth and people to oppose Duterte’s dictatorial ambitions by partaking in massive protest actions that culminates this month with the February 23 campus walkout and February 25 EDSA commemoration rally.


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