Youth group Anakbayan lambasted President Rodrigo Duterte’s idea of launching a “revolutionary government” on Sunday, saying that the president’s pipedream type of government is nothing but a full-fledged dictatorship.

Duterte has earlier said that he will declare a “revolutionary government” once “destabilization efforts” against his administration becomes chaotic. “I will not hesitate to declare a revolutionary government until the end of my term, and I will arrest all of you and we can go to a full-scale war against the Reds,” Duterte said in a media interview recently.

“Duterte’s statement reeks of insecurity and paranoia amid mounting opposition against his tyrannical policies. Mr. President, the people cannot simply stand silent and carry on with our lives as you spew these dangerous statements. You may think that the Filipino people will become afraid and back down from criticizing your persisting fascist policies, but you are wrong. The Filipino people will not tolerate your hallucinations. We will fight back, the people will fight back,” said Vencer Crisostomo, Anakbayan national chairperson.

“Duterte’s so-called ‘revolutionary government’ is only a euphemism for his pipe-dream of a full-scale one-man rule, wherein power in all branches of government has become fully consolidated under his rule. This is neither ‘revolutionary’ nor is it a ‘government.’ It’s basically a madman dream of establishing an absolutely ruthless empire which will usher an era of desolation and desperation for the people on all fronts,” Crisostomo said.

“What Duterte is rooting for is not only a government which will allow him to continue his atavistic killing spree and human rights violations, but also a government that will allow him to continue tampering and selling out not just the Filipino nation’s rights but our economy and politics as well. In Duterte’s delusional and badly-labeled ‘revolutionary government,’ he will surely play king, but the big oligarchs and foreign powers will still hold the reins of actual power,” the youth leader added.

“Duterte wants the people critical of his policies to shudder in fear as his dreaded ‘revolutionary government’ come into fruition. Yet, Mr. President, you should be the one shuddering in fear, for the Filipino people will stand united to stop you from realizing your manic hallucinations,” Crisostomo ended.###


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