In response to the latest hogwash statement made by dictator wannabe Rodrigo Duterte that the brutal murder of young innocent victims Kian Loyd and Carl Angelo will not be the last, we say the war on drugs is in fact a fascist war against the poor and the youth.

Duterte said in his latest response to criticisms from the United Nations that a halt in the drug war will further imperil Filipinos, adding that this war is an existential struggle for the nation to “usher in real, lasting and meaningful change”.

We strongly condemn Duterte’s myopic and delusional obsession on the drug problem. We emphasize that this is not the root of the country’s social ills. The mad president is putting the cart before the horse by thinking that drugs is the cause of poverty and elite and foreign rule in the country rather than the other way around.

It is not the drug trade but foreign domination over the country’s politics, economy, and culture, the continuing dispossession of peasants and national minorities of their land, and bureaucratic corruption and making a business of public services that is behind the flourishing of the drug trade.

And yet Duterte deviously uses such one-dimensional and outrageous description of Philippine society to rationalize the unjustifiable by calling for the senseless killing of more youths in his bloody drug war.

Following the death of Kian Loyd, the fascist US-Duterte dictatorship has again claimed the life of another youth, UP Diliman Interior Design student Carl Angelo Ruiz. The unceasing spilling of blood ultimately points to the utter absurdity of the anti-drug campaign which Duterte himself admitted will not be resolved by the end of his 6-year term.

Bloodthirsty Duterte continually encourages the police to kill without due process while deceitfully shielding big capitalists and smugglers involved in various drug deals – even to the point of protecting his son, Davao Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte, who was linked to the drug-smuggling “Davao Group” which is now at the center of a P6.4 billion shabu scandal.

These actions underline Duterte’s full unfolding to the extreme right as the current chief honcho of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal ruling order propped up by US imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism, and domestic feudalism. The US-Duterte dictaorship focuses on the drug trade with such ferocity because this does not clash with ruling classes interests but has been used to justify the reign of impunity and uber-militarization across the social fabric.

We twit as absurd the fentanyl-crazed Duterte’s repeated insistence of drugs as the root problem of Philippine society. Imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism, and feudalism, which Duterte’s regime now willfully serves, are the real reason for the continuing exploitation and oppression of the Filipino people.


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