President Noynoy Aquino’s “working photos” which the Palace released a few days after the term “noynoying” gained popular meaning have apparently failed to convince netizens. The photos are now being “modified” and are being given the “meme” treatment by young people online.

“Sorry, but the ‘working photos’ — they ain’t working,” said Vencer Crisostomo national chairperson of youth group Anakbayan, the same group responsible for the popularization of the term “noynoying.” The term got international attention after Global Voices and Wall Street Journal posted articles on the protest “inaction” and as OFWs do their noynoying protests across the globe.

The latest among the photos showed the President with the officials of Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) which have gained viral attention last year after they photoshopped themselves “working” on Manila Bay after its wall was destroyed by a typhoon.

Netizens have raised questions about an earlier photo released. Some netizens ask why there is a champagne glass on the president’s desk, another one points out that the president is not wearing his glasses, giving the impression that he is only pretending to be reading. The TV and DVD remote controls on the desk were also noticed.

“When your boss criticizes you for not having any output and being ineffective, you can’t show him photos of you working — it won’t make sense. The photos only served to add another meaning to Noynoying: ‘busy-busyhan’ or pretending to be busy when in fact you are not doing anything significant,” said Crisostomo.

Crisostomo said that instead of posting “ridiculous” photos, the Palace should instead do concrete steps to address the rising prices and poverty. “He should work to lift the VAT on oil, scrap oil deregulation law, and stop oil price hikes immediately. He can also impose a moratorium on tuition hikes and increase wages, among others. All of these have been repeatedly asked of the President but he chose to make papogi instead of addressing them. The President has no one to blame but himself for the growing perception that he is noynoying in power,” he said.


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