As we mark the International Labor Day today, May 1, Anakbayan joins the Filipino toiling masses in highlighting the need to advance the national democratic struggle with a socialist perspective to end the exploitation and oppression of the Filipino working classes and people.

We draw inspiration Great October Revolution, whose centenary we celebrate this year, when Russian workers led by the Bolshevik leader V.I. Lenin overthrew the ruling classes, established the political power of the proletariat, and began the construction of socialism and communism.

We unite with the ever widening and intensifying people’s resistance against the neoliberal offensive which in the last four decades has trampled upon the rights and welfare of the Filipino people and inflicted much sufferings through attacks on the right to unions, to job security, and to decent wages.

We put to the fore the calls for the Duterte regime to immediately junk contractualization amidst its failed promises to end this anti-worker practice and for the implementation of a national minimum wage of P750 a day for private sector workers and P16,000 monthly for employees in public offices.

Pushing this twin-campaign means junking of neoliberal policies like the 1989 Herrera Law, which legitimized widespread contractualization, and Wage Rationalization Act, which opened the flood way for different schemes that push down the wages of workers in favor the profit-motive of big capitalists.

This also means exposing and opposing the Department of Labor and Employment Order No. 174, which has in fact only allowed the legitimization of various forms of so-called permissible contractual labor schemes in the guise of putting them under regulation.

These schemes are part of the overall neoliberal offensive affecting various sectors from youth made to suffer more intensely commercialized education up to homeless urban poor bearing the burden of privatized housing. In other words, the transformation of public services and all aspects of life into instruments of private profit.

Neoliberalism is but the latest expression of the worst crisis faced by the world capitalist system sharply analyzed by Lenin as “Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism”. This is a rotting system that more than ever attempts to ward off crisis by exporting it to backward countries like the Philippines.

Imperialism means wars of aggression and ever-more destructive rivalry among imperialist powers for the economic re-division of the world, which now see between the US and its allies on one hand and China and Russia on the other, that has only meant even greater poverty, joblessness, hunger, and crisis for the workers and oppressed peoples of the world.

Indeed, the unleashing of fascism, racism, and right-wing populism worldwide as epitomized by the rise of Donald Trump in the US and the intensified US-sponsored “all-out war” of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the country that inflicts massive human rights violations are symptoms of the worsening decay of this imperialist system.

Philippine society remains shackled by US imperialism, which has maintained backward feudal and semi-feudal class relations as its social base in order to keep the country dependent as a dumping ground of surplus capital and a source of natural resources for plunder and cheap labor to exploit.

This May 1, we learn from the lessons of Lenin and Red October by reiterating the need to bring down US imperialism, domestic feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism in order to liberate the Filipino people from foreign monopoly capital domination and landlord control over land.

Only a national democratic program, which has at its core genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization as embodied in the socio-economic reforms forwarded by the National Democratic Front in the peace negotiations, can provide the social basis for giving decent jobs for the Filipino people and guaranteeing access to housing, education, health, and other basic services.

To this end, the youth and student movement vow to go to the toiling and oppressed masses of workers, farmers, urban poor, and national minorities to be one with them in their struggles and to contribute in arousing, organizing, mobilizing the people for the national democratic struggle.

Bringing forward the national democratic struggle with a socialist perspective in the country to fruition is our foremost internationalist contribution to the struggle of all the workers and oppressed around the world against the onslaught of neoliberalism and the imperialist system.

Long live International Workers’ Day!
Long live the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution!
Workers and oppressed people of the world unite!

#GlobalMay1Strike #LaborDayPH


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