A former University of the Philippines Diliman Interior Design student Carl Angelo Arnaiz, 19, who was found riddled with gunshot wounds in a Caloocan City morgue, August 28, 10 days after reported missing by his family, is the latest victim of the fascist Duterte regime’s bloody drug war, said youth group Anakbayan.

Arnaiz, accused of having been involved in a shootout with the Caloocan City police, was last seen alive in his neighborhood in Cainta, Rizal last August 18. Anakbayan compared the brutal murder of Arnaiz to that of Kian delos Santos who was planted evidence and executed by Caloocan police without mercy.

“We are one in calling for justice for Carl Angelo Arnaiz and for all the victims of the US-Duterte dictatorship’s crazed drug war and his other fascist attacks against the Filipino people,” said Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

The youth leader condemned Duterte’s anti-drug war, saying this has caused fear and terror among the common people by mainly killing the poor and small-time drug victims while leaving the big druglords and their protectors in government and the military and police hierarchy unscathed.

“This could literally happen to anyone as bloodthirsty Duterte continually encourages the police to kill without due process, plant evidence, and cover up in the course of his bloody war on drugs. We must stand up against Duterte’s madness to save the country’s youth,” said Crisostomo.

He said Duterte’s war on drugs has no real intention of wiping out drugs but is only a fascist machination that serves to solidify the regime’s domination, further encourage impunity by state forces, and justify the use of extreme force to enforce anti-people neoliberal policies and repress people’s resistance.

College of Home Economics Student Council Chairperson Pauline Indita and batchmate of Arnaiz, in an interview with the Philippine Collegian, expressed disbelief that Arnaiz would fire back at police or even have a gun in possession in the first place.

According to the Philippine Collegian report, Indita said Arnaiz dropped out of UP Diliman when he was still a freshman in 2014. The Arnaiz family has meanwhile also called for justice for their son while refusing to disclose further details on his death upon advise of their lawyers from the Public Attorney’s Office.


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