Youth group Anakbayan condemns the shooting dead of peasant leader Pedro Pendagay of the Golden Valley Banana Planters Association in Compostela Valley early in the morning today, March 23.

According to the Tanggol Magsasaka human rights network, Pendagay was shot dead inside his house in Barangay Anitapan, Mabini in Compostela Valley. He is the 43rd victim of political killings under the Duterte regime.

Anakbayan condemned the Duterte regime’s all-out-war against the revolutionary forces which has resulted in the killing of 43 peasant leaders and activists and illegal arrest of dozens of activists and civilians.

“Duterte has opened the floodgates of human rights violations by giving license to the military to conduct an ‘anything goes’ offensive in the countryside,” said Anakbayan Secretary General Einstein Recedes.

“Problema sa droga, patayin ang mahirap. Inokupa ng maralita ang tiwangwang na pabahay, ang sagot gamitan ng dahas. Lumalaban ang inaapi, ang sagot flatten the hills. Parakay Duterte giyera ang solusyon sa lahat ng problema,” said Recedes.

The youth group called on the Filipino youth and people to rise up in protest against the Duterte regime’s all-out-war and fascism. Big protests are set on March 31.


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