Thousands of youth led by Anakbayan are joining Bonifacio Day protest actions across the country today to condemn the Duterte government’s systemic campaign of killings, fascist violence, and intensifying rights abuses against activists and ordinary people. The rain did not stop progressive groups in Manila from holding a protest program at the Liwasang Bonifacio today.

The youth group, which also celebrated its 19th anniversary today, likewise called on Anakbayan chapters and members to launch an all-out campaign to overthrow the US-Duterte regime and resist its scheme to establish an open fascist dictatorship.

“We are calling for the overthrow of the US-Duterte regime. Duterte is scheming to establish himself as a fascist dictator. He aims to crush any opposition to his rule and rationalize the extension or expansion of martial law or the founding of a so-called revolutionary government which is but a junta for dictatorial rule,” said Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

The youth leader slammed Duterte’s fascist attacks against the people which include the spurt of political killings and illegal arrests of activists, bombings of entire communities and schools of indigenous peoples and farmers, and the murder of thousands of poor in the mad war on drugs, saying this is bound to get worse if Duterte is given dictatorial powers.

“Duterte is the leading terrorist and addict in the country today. Behind him are the US imperialists and local oligarchs pushing for anti-people policies. He is a rabid dog of big landlords attacking the farmers. He is an agent of big capitalists working to further push down wages, lengthen working hours, increase tax burden, and further deprive Filipinos access to social services,” said Crisostomo.

“But Duterte is wrong if he thinks the Filipino youth and people will be terrorized by his fascist rule. Duterte will only further stoke the anger and fighting spirit of the youth. Duterte himself is pushing more Filipino youth to resist his fascist regime,” he added.


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