Duterte’s “kill human rights defenders” joke assailed

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Youth group Anakbayan today strongly condemned the shooting of a fact-finding mission team in Negros Oriental on November 28 which resulted to the death of two of its members, calling the attack a grand display of the Duterte regime’s fascist rule.

The 30-member fact-finding mission team were in San Ramon, Bawayan City to investigate on reported human rights violations in the area due to intensified military operations there. They were initially barred from entering the mission site and harassed by the mayor’s armed goons.

Later at 2:30 p.m., the incident occurred when unidentified gunmen shot at five of the team’s members on their way for a courtesy call in a barangay and, subsequently, to the police station where they will report the harassment they earlier experienced. Elisa Badayos of Karapatan Central Visayas and Elioterio Moises of Mantapi Ebwan Farmers Association, a local peasant organization, were dead, while Carmen Matarlo of Kabataan Party-list Cebu was reported wounded.

“The shooting of human rights workers shows how Duterte’s deep-seated aversion to criticism has unleashed a bloody campaign against any opposition forces who dare question his increasingly authoritarian rule. Clearly, this is a working of a fascist dictator,” Crisostomo said.

Likewise, he lashed out at Duterte’s latest tirade against human rights workers in which he said that they could be made shields by police officers in dangerous areas. The remark was made by Duterte in a speech a few hours after the said killings.

“Only a murderer and butcher like Rodrigo Duterte would outrightly encourage the killings of human rights defenders and even make a joke out of it. His disgusting and asinine remarks are an utterance of a fascist madman,” Crisostomo added.

While the call for justice for the victims continue, he also enjoined the youth to mount huge protest and resist the tyrannical and terroristic rule of the Duterte regime.

“Duterte’s looming fascist dictatorship must be met with strong resistance among the ranks of the youth and all other sectors bearing the brunt of his penchant for violence and blood. The Filipino people must strongly unite to thwart the US-Duterte dictatorship,” Crisostomo ended. ###


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  1. […] From November 26-28, Karapatan, Alliance for the Advancement of Human Rights, lead a 30 member fact-finding mission in Bayawan, Negros Oriental, aiming to investigate reports of human rights violations in the area. Peasants asserting their land rights reported ongoing hostility from a private army working for local politicians, and the fact-finding mission aimed to document these abuses. Members of the mission were repeatedly harassed, including Elisa Badayos, coordinator of Karapatan Negros Oriental, Elioterio Moises, peasant leader, and Carmen Matarlo, a member of Kabaatan (youth) Partylist in Cebu City. On the last day of the mission, suspicious men followed them, leaving Badayos and Moises dead, and Matarlo in critical condition. Progressive organizations across the Philippines condemn this shooting, and see the killing of human rights workers as a indication of that the Duterte government is quickly becoming fascist dictatorship. (Sources: Altermedia, Karapatan, Anakbayan) […]

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