Youth group Anakbayan today challenged President Duterte to dump United States President Donald Trump’s invitation for a meeting in Washington, saying Trump will only sweet-talk Duterte into maintaining unequal relations between the Philippines and the US.

“Take a step towards actualizing an independent foreign policy. Dump the Trump invite,” said Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo who warned that the US president will only sweet talk Duterte into following US imperialist dictates.

According to news reports, the Trump invitation for Duterte is related to the US’ brewing conflict with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or North Korea which the Western power has threatened with war and armed aggression in recent weeks.

“We call on Duterte to refuse Trump war mongering bandwagon which seeks to drag the country into armed conflict with North Korea, a war that only furthers US imperialist designs and counters our national interests,” said Crisostomo.

The youth group furthermore called on the Duterte regime to take concrete steps for an independent foreign policy by decisively driving out US troops and bases from the country, junking unequal agreements like EDCA and the VFA, and opposing all forms of US intervention in the region.

“Talk is cheap. Duterte must concretize his independent foreign policy by junking EDCA, VFA, and other lopsided agreements. Implement genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization to break US imperialist stranglehold over our economy,” said Crisostomo.

The group said US desperation in the face of the steady decline of US politico-economic power and clout and the rise of an increasingly multi-polar world with the emergence of China and Russia as rival imperialist powers is another context for Trump’s overtures to Duterte.

According to Anakbayan, massive protest actions are also being readied for Trump’s scheduled visit to the Philippines in November.


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