Marcos rehabilitation furthers Duterte’s dictatorial designs – Anakbayan

President Duterte’s floating of a compromise agreement with the Marcoses, trading the return of the family’s ill-gotten wealth in exchange for granting immunity, serves to further Duterte’s dictatorial designs, said youth group Anakbayan.

“Duterte’s compromise plan with the Marcoses is part of a grand plan to complete the rehabilitation of the Marcoses. This means whitewashing Marcos human rights violations and plunder of the economy in order to legitimize Duterte’s following the footsteps of the late dictator,” said Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

The youth leader also hit the declaration of the dictator’s birthday as a special holiday in Ilocos Norte less than a year after giving Marcos a hero’s burial last November, saying the Duterte government is allowing the Marcoses to escape accountability for plunder and massive human rights abuses and willfully glorifies the dark martial law years in view of Duterte’s treading the path of respressive tyrannical rule.

“We are now under ‘de facto’ martial law with Duterte’s anti-drug campaign presiding over the daily murder of the poor and minors in slums, his martial law in Mindanao and all-out war against activists and revolutionaries leading to human rights abuses in the countryside, and the anti-Moro war and destruction of Marawi,” said Crisostomo.

Crisostomo slammed Duterte as a “fascist dictatorship” responsible for the brutal killings of many youth these past days: Obillio Bay-ao, 19, Lumad youth Talaingod, Davao del Norte, killed by paramilitary forces; and Kian delos Santos, 17 years old, Carl Angelo Arnaiz, 19 and Reynaldo de Guzman, 14, tortured and murdered by police.

“The move to glorify and confer immunity to the Marcoses, impeach the Supreme Court Chief Justice and the Ombudsman, the removal of progressives like Judy Taguiwalo and Ka Paeng Mariano in the Duterte cabinet, and revising the constitution are all meant to solidify the fascist rule of the US-Duterte dictatorship,” he added.

Anakbayan invited all freedom-loving youth and people to join protest actions this month that would culminate with one big rally in Luneta on September 21, the anniversary of Marcos’ declaration of Martial Law. The youth group vowed to strongly oppose Duterte’s setting the stage for the complete return to power of the Marcoses and the rise of an intensified Marcos-style fascist rule “on steroids” under the “US-Duterte dictatorship”.


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