Massive protests will greet US President Donald Trump’s visit to the Philippines this Novemeber. Trump, the head of the US imperialist power, is not welcome in the Philippines.

President Rodrigo Duterte has revealed himself a puppet of the US in his praise for the US as a “friend” and a “security ally,” reversing earlier promises that his administration will leave the US and will implement an “independent foreign policy.” He is now a running dog of the US who is subservient to the US and its president Trump.

The US is behind the Mamasapano-type operation to liquidate Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon which, in turn, instigated the Moro armed uprising in Marawi. It is directing the AFP and PNP to conduct bombings of communities and providing funding, bombs, helicopters, tanks, ships and guns in its anti-people war. It is providing support to Duterte’s mass murder operations under Oplan Tokhang — from being critical, it is now silent with regard to human rights. It is now playing up the “drugs-terrorism” connection to set the stage for greater US military intervention.

In exchange, the US-Duterte regime has given the US military unlimited access to PH camps, territory and has allowed the building of military bases in the country under the EDCA and the VFA. More US soldiers are set to be deployed in the country in the guise “joint military exercises,” more of which are set to be held next year.
Widespread and massive protests will greet the ASEAN and the Trump-Duterte master-puppet meeting to call for an end to US imperialism and military intervention in the country.


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