Youth group Anakbayan dubbed the recent operation of the US military wherein a US Navy destroyer sailed close to disputed islands in the South China as “a vain attempt to project strength and power” to prepare for US President Donald Trump’s visit to Asia, particularly the Philippines, next month.

“The US military is apparently grandstanding and projecting power and control over the disputed waters without standing on solid ground. The entry of a US ship in the disputed waters may appear to bolster the US claim of being an ally of our nation in the sea dispute, yet in the long run, this vain show of force will not serve us any good. It’s the typical US move – being a good-for-nothing show-off,” said Anakbayan National Chair Vencer Crisostomo.

The USS Chafee, which is a guided missile destroyer, was reported to have entered within the territorial limits of the Paracel Islands this Tuesday.

“Apart from compelling China to help in their anti-North Korea campaign, the frequent US military patrolling operations in the disputed waters of the South China Sea may be a bait the Americans are using to serve as their trump card in exchange for new and expanded lopsided deals with Asian nations during the ASEAN meeting next month. Asian leaders may feel encouraged by the presence of US troops in disputed waters, but we should all look at the bigger picture – how the US is just actually guarding its own interests in this region of the world,” Crisostomo said.

Progressive Filipino groups are now preparing for big nationwide protests in time for Trump’s visit in November.

“Instead of being grateful for US incursions in the disputed waters, instead of benevolently accepting American bogus military support, Filipinos – Asians – should actually be at the forefront of the battle to unshackle US domination in our region,” Crisostomo ended.###


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