Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque and his mafia boss Duterte are modern day counterparts of Emilio Aguinaldo, Pedro Paterno, Felipe Buencamino, and other ilustrado traitors who sold out the country to US imperialism during the Philippine Revolutionary War for Independence.

Roque said in an interview with a Duterte supporter Wednesday that time will come when the Philippines will thank China for the artifical islands established by the rising superpower in Philippine territories in the West Philippine Sea.

This is nothing less than treason coming from the highest officials of the land no different from shameful acts of the ilustrado villains who capitulated to the American invaders during the Philippine-American War

Roque and Duterte are just like Aguinaldo and his filthy ilustrado ilk, who in the guise of seeking peace and diplomacy, conspired to murder Filipino patriots like Antonio Luna and Andres Bonifacio and ultimately capitulated to the American imperialists.

Duterte projects himself as a strongman but he is really a coward who can only bully the powerless and the oppressed while kowtowing to both aggressive Chinese occupation in the West Philippine Sea and US military presence in Philippine soil.

He promised an independent foreign policy but could not even kick out US military troops, junk unequal treaties like the EDCA, VFA, and Mutual Defense Treaty, or even raise a squeak about Chinese intrusion on Philippine territories.

The old ilustrado traitors sold out the Philippine revolution out of fear that continued fighting would affect their narrow business interests. Today Duterte and his cronies are seeking to sell the country to the highest-bidding foreign power for their own benefit.

In the end, Roque and Duterte’s fawning over foreign powers like China and the US only ensures that they will be judged harshly by history.


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