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Anakbayan strongly condemns the involvement of United States special forces in Marawi which the US Embassy admitted on June 10 has been supposedly providing support to military operations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) against the Maute/Isis threat in the island of Mindanao.

With the US Embassy’s admission, the hand of US imperialism in the Marawi fiasco is now out in the open: the Marawi attack is being used to further US interests in the country, strengthen the position of pro-US puppets in the Duterte regime, and further justify the continued presence of US military forces in the country.

It can be recalled that the Marawi attack was timed during the visit of President Duterte to Russia and China, both US rivals. For sure, it is not new for the US to foist “terrorist” operations in order to place a sitting government into crisis in order to follow its dictates, justify war, and ultimately push its imperialist interests as it has done with its massive funding of Isis and Al Qaeda fighters in Syria.

Just like in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan where US military intervention has resulted in untold destruction and loss of innocent lives, US imperialism is turning Mindanao into a playground for its military-industrial complex. Even now, thousands have been affected by indiscriminate aerial bombings and military operations in Marawi. An atmosphere of widespread fear and islamophobia is now being fanned across the country by the US and the AFP in order to rationalize intensified military operations and Martial Law.

We call on the Filipino youth and people to stand against heightened US intervention in the Philippines and expose and oppose the machinations of US imperialism and its local puppets in the Duterte regime like Generals Lorenzana, Esperon, and Año. We call for the immediate lifting of Martial Law in Mindanao and the pullout of all US troops from Philippine soil.


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