If there is no revolutionary theory,
there is no revolutionary movement.

The national democratic movement is a study movement. Anakbayan’s dynamic education work rooted in the masses  is an important factor in living up to its basic task which is to arouse, organize and mobilize the masses.

As a comprehensive national democratic mass organization, Anakbayan takes the obligation of raising the political consciousness and understanding of its members and of the people regarding the national democratic struggle.

The Pambansa Demokratikong Paaralan (PADEPA) is the political school established for the ranks of the national democratic mass organizations like Anakbayan.  The organization provides the machinery needed for the comprehensive implementation of the education work within the organization and with the broad masses. This machinery includes the education committees, the education or the PADEPA officers, and the pool of instructors, which not only supervise the education work but also promotes revolutionary and progressive culture.

It is  the objective of the PADEPA to ensure the unity of the membership on the national democratic line and programs of the organization. This arms the members the knowledge and skill to actively and sharply crticize various social issues through PADEPA’s comprehensive curriculum which features courses on social analysis as well as theoretical foundations.

Also, this aims to raise the political understanding of the members on the orientation of the organization and of the national democratic movement as a whole. Ultimately, this serves as a foundation for the continuous remolding of the members’ viewpoints and perspectives in able to fully live and promote revolutionary culture.

PADEPA makes sure that the study movement is sustained and able to reach the broadest ranks of the people.