Youth groups led by Anakbayan hold their first ever lighting rally near Malacañang under the Duterte administration to condemn the intensifying attacks of the Duterte administration against the Filipino people.

Dozens of activists surged near Gate 7 of Malacañang before lunch time today, carrying banners calling for justice for all victims of extrajudicial killings and victims of brutal demolition and militarization.

“In these frivolous times we’re living in, we have an even more vapid president willing to commit any brutality to consolidate and maintain power. This lightning protest – the first the youth has mounted under the Duterte administration – marks how steeply this administration has lost its edge, its moral compass, its mandate, as it continues to betray the people’s trust and dismantle the people’s rights,” said Anakbayan Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

The youth groups condemned all forms of repression, brutalities, and anti-people policies committed by the Duterte regime in recent months. The protesters also burned an image of Uncle Sam to highlight Duterte’s continued subservience to US interests.

“Duterte has fully unraveled – from a supposed firebrand president to a full-blown puppet of the US,” Crisostomo said.

“In this day and age, violence is an understatement. Violence is a word that hardly suffices to describe the blood, gore, shock, and terror instigated by state forces all throughout the nation – from the distant mountains of Mindanao right to the alleyways of Caloocan,” Crisostomo stressed.

“Duterte’s policies have gone above and beyond what can be defined as insane. Under Duterte, what was once called outrageous has now become the norm. His consistent machiavellian maneuvering has claimed the lives of thousands and violated the rights of hundreds of thousands more,” Crisostomo added.

“It is no longer enough to mourn the dead among our ranks. It is no longer enough to seethe in anger at the atrocities committed against our people. Now is the time to intensify the struggle and rip the mantle of insanity that has cloaked the nation with darkness and brutality for far too long,” Crisostomo ended.###


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