Duterte, the country’s number one terrorist and murderer, has again affirmed his fascist regime’s long-standing policy of stifling people’s dissent. In yet another rambling speech on January 27, “Duterterorista” has reiterated his order for the mercenary armed forces to go after progressive legal organizations which they tagged as “communist legal fronts,” and subsequently, “enemies of the state.”

However, his tyrannical regime has been doing exactly that since last year. As early as February 2017, he declared an “all-out war” against progressives, and following his abrupt termination of the peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and his declaration of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) as terrorists, widespread militarization, harassment, and killings of peasants, indigenous peoples—and even human rights workers—intensified all over the country.

Human rights violations became rampant as ever in the countryside, specifically in Mindanao where the imposition of martial law has emboldened military and police elements to commit atrocities against the Filipino people. Earlier this week, two peasant activists were gunned down by suspected military agents in the Southern Mindanao Region. Meanwhile, the Lumad people, which have been consistent subjects of harassment and intimidation, experienced intensified militarization of their communities this month.

This is clearly a part of Duterte’s grand scheme to quench his thirst for absolute political power. Progressive groups have been at the forefront of criticizing his corrupt and authoritarian rule, and silencing them is a step further to consolidate his political power.

His threat to go after legal and progressive organizations smacks of fear, however. With support for his authoritarian rule slowly going down the drain and contempt for his fascist ways ever growing, Duterte resorts to intimidating his staunch critics with big words, just like how a threatened dog would keep on barking when faced with imminent danger.

Unfortunately for Duterte, the youth, together with the wider revolutionary masses, is strongly resolute in opposing his fascist attacks not only against progressives but also against the Filipino people. Unfazed by his threats, the youth movement will continue to stand with the marginalized and the oppressed in their fight for decent wages and humane working conditions; genuine agrarian reform; free and nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented education; and other democratic rights refused to be given by the state that is subservient to the interest of local oligarchs and imperialist masters.

On February 1 and 23, students and youth all over the country will take to the streets to resist Duterte’s tyrannical rule. We will not let a criminal like Duterte stay in power and worsen the crisis of the semi-feudal and semi-colonial society. We will go after Duterte, the Filipino people’s number one enemy, and thwart his fascist dictatorship. He will go down even before he can ascend to absolute power. #


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  1. rene valenzuela says:

    panahon na para patalsikin si duterte dahil isa syang salot sa mamamayan pahirap at taksil sa bayan.

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